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Mark O'Neill

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Enforcing usage limits is a common requirement for mobile APIs. This ensures that the mobile API is not abused, and also allows for a "Freemium" model where usage of the API is free up to a point, and paid for afterwards. Vordel's Mobile Gateway can be used to enforce SLA (Service Level Agreement) limits for mobile API access. In the video demo below, I'm showing how SLA limits are configured using a throttling rule. Traffic over the limits results in an alert being raised. I am retrieving the SLA limits from a database. In the screenshot below, we see the simple policy being used. I've opened up the filter which is looking up the SLA value from the database: Next, I am using a Throttling filter to enforce the usage limit. You can see that I'm using a variable (with the dollar sign) to include this value in the policy. The advantage of this method is that any changes to... (more)

The Multi-Domain Registry/Repository

Frank Kenney from Gartner coined the term "Multi-Domain Registry/Repository", or MDRR, in a tweet recently. What is an MDRR and why is it important? To understand, think of a registry/repository traditionally seen as part of a SOA architecture. It is supposed to include addresses of the services available in the SOA, plus metadata about the services, such as their policies. Now think about how organizations are starting to rely on Cloud-based services, such as Amazon S3 (storage) and Force.com (sales force automation). These services are not on-premises SOA service, so they are not... (more)

Connecting to the Cloud in Chinese: 连接到云

Cloud Computing Journal Following the translations in Japanese and Spanish, the Connecting to the Cloud series of articles, which I wrote for IBM DeveloperWorks, is now available in Chinese. The series introduces cloud platforms such as Force.com and Amazon SQS, including code samples in Java, and governance and policy, again including code samples (an Amazon policy expressed in JSON). The Gateway "onramp" model is described. Part 1: 连接到云,第 1 部分: 在应用程序中使用云 Part 2: 连接到云,第 2 部分: 实现混合云模型 Part 3: 连接到云,第 3 部分: 云治理和安全性 ... (more)

Reading an Attribute from an LDAP Directory

Looking up user information from an LDAP directory is a common usage of the Vordel Gateway. Sometimes it's used for Message Enrichment in front of an applications server. This saves the applications server developer the hassle of looking up the attributes from the directory, since the attributes are handed to them on a plate, in the message, by the Gateway. So here is a quick tutorial on how to do this: In the circuit you can see below, I am doing four things: 1) Authenticating the client against an LDAP directory (in this case Microsoft Active Directory) using WS-Security Usernam... (more)

APIs and the Internet of Things

Welcome to the future where light bulbs suck power for WiFi even when they are switched off (as reported by Redmonk's Tom Raftery), where a smart thermostat company is bought for $3.2 billion, and where electric vehicles can take commands from your wristwatch. What does this all have in common? It's the Internet of Things (IoT). It's a phenomenon which is joined at the hip with another megatrend, the API Economy. That is because the "things" in the Internet of Things, be they lightbulbs or smart meters or even cars, send data via APIs. Therefore, governing this flow of data to an... (more)